Each year in the Season of Lent on Maundy Thursday we hold a worship service in which the central acts of worship are the Lord’s Supper and Footwashing.  In those acts we remind ourselves that Jesus came among us “as one who serves” (Lk. 22:27) and that we are to follow his example (Jn. 13:15).  We have been called to a life of service, and we continually seek out ways we can minister to and with those in our community and beyond.  Some ministries are more demanding than others, but we have found numerous ways for people of all ages to be involved in service.  Some work in the garden, some lead Bible study, some visit the sick and lonely, some tend the garden, some feed the hungry, some house the homeless, some visit those in jail, some fix broken things in people’s homes…whatever we do, we do it with the prayers and support of our church, and we do it “in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God” (Col. 3:17).

When you come to First Baptist Church you will find an open table.
All are welcome; none are excluded.

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